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Being appointed the executor or Personal Representative is complicated enough.

Why add the sale of real estate to your list of already daunting responsibilities?

At a time when you should be allowed to mourn your loss, you are probably instead having to deal with lawyers, accountants, and a tangle of red tape. You can relieve some of the stress knowing that the property sale is handled in the most efficient manner by experts in probate, trust and inheritance.
Our specialty is in liquidating the real estate portion of the estate before assets are eaten up by the costs involved in maintaining it. We can also help deal with the various issues and misunderstandings that can arise with multiple beneficiaries.
 Our goal is to get the estate the highest price, in the least amount of time, with minimal complications for you and your family during this trying time.




Learn the probate process

Simply put, probate is the court procedure that transfers the assets of one individual after death to heirs or devisees. This winds down the earthly affairs of someone who has passed on, concluding legal and financial matters. Assets are itemized and liquidated in the best interests of the estate.
However, the process can be anything but simple. We've put together resources that can help you better understand the probate process and your responsibilities as the Personal Representative.





If you are tasked with settling an estate, get in touch. Our local, experienced team provides guidance to expedite the process and liquidate any and all real estate in the most efficient manner.


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